The Avid Gambler's 888 Sports Review

Although it is still new to the realm of online bookmakers, this 888 Sports review finds that the venue is a great place for people in Canada to find all of their favorite events and a wide range of betting opportunities. All of the most popular events can be found here which include American football, hockey, horse racing, baseball, soccer and plenty more. Even some obscure sports like American college basketball and European lacrosse can be wagered on in this venue. Whether individuals only place wagers casually or choose to do it as a profession, this is a great place to go.

Why Is It So Popular?

While researching for this 888 Sports review, it was found that this is one of the most popular sites in Canada primarily because of the wide range of bets that are available. For events like hockey and soccer, it isn't uncommon to find as many as 100 prop bets available in addition to the normal wagers! This is great news for professionals since they can tailor their investments, but beginners may feel a little overwhelmed with all of the options that are available to them. Of course, because the venue understands that newbies may need a little help at first, they offer up some fantastic tutorials as well as bonuses to help get them started.

Free Bets for New Users

At the time of writing this canadian gambling review, the venue was offering $88 in free bets for new players, though it is a little more complicated to explain than a traditional casino welcome bonus. Essentially, it is a series of eight small deposits placed into the user's account as they make wagers on different events. The first seven are $10 each and the eighth is $18, and individuals will need to place $10 minimum wagers in order to receive the free cash. Aside from this, everyone who is new to the site receives a $5 credit with which they can wager on anything they'd like, though cashing out wins is only possible once certain terms and conditions have been met.

Languages and Currencies

Something else that this 888 Sports review found favorable was the sheer number of currencies and languages available. Canadians will feel right at home since both English and French are supported, but although there are several currencies supported as well, CAD is not one of them. This can be a drawback for some users since currency conversions at the current exchange rates may make for some losses and there is generally a fee for performing the conversion in the first place. Individuals can choose from currencies like euros and pounds.

Some of the other options that are available to those who choose this site include live betting with football and soccer as well as the ability to place wagers via a smartphone with the apps for Android or iPhones. This site is a great place for anyone who enjoys placing wagers on their favorite events, whether they do so to make real money or simply to make viewing their favorite sports a bit more exciting.

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