Earning A Real Profit With Popular Asian Gambling Games

Many of the casino games that are found in North America today were actually created centuries ago. Their popularity in the East eventually led them westward and into the land-based and internet establishments that people visit today. The most popular Asian casino games of all time are baccarat, keno, and mahjong. They are all easy to learn though mahjong is difficult to master.

Long Live Baccarat

The first of the popular Asian casino games is baccarat and while they have French or even Spanish titles today, the game upon which it was founded was born in the East. Up to nine people can play against the house which represents the Banker. Two hands are dealt - called the Player and Banker hands - and the only two decisions that individuals must make are how much to bet and which hand will have the highest point value once all of the cards have been dealt. Though some people tend to avoid it because it appears complicated to the observer, it's actually one of the simplest titles available and is incredibly easy to learn.

Keno - It's In the Numbers

The second honorable mention here is keno, which is based upon numbers and is reminiscent of a cross between a traditional lottery and bingo. Users are required to purchase a ticket based upon how many numbers they'd like to choose. Then, a croupier pulls balls from a hopper and each individual matches those numbers to the ones they selected. The more they can match, the more they can win. These days, there are several variations of this game in literally hundreds of themes but regardless of this, the parent activity came from the East and was carried over into Europe and eventually the Americas more than a century ago.

Matching Tiles with Mahjong

The mahjong that most people know today is played alone in a solitaire-style format. The goal is to create pairs of tiles with matching symbols in order to clear the board. However, it was born as a multiplayer event in which users take turns creating melds or sets with their tiles. It's a lot like rummy, in fact, but many people aren't very familiar with it. Like many of the other options that are available for gambling, this one isn't incredibly difficult to learn but it is very hard to master. There is a lot of strategy necessary for successfully winning out over opponents.

These are the most popular Asian casino games, but they don't create a complete list. There are some other Eastern activities that have spilled over into Western culture which include Pai Gow, Sic Bo and others. It is important to note, however, that as these titles made their way across the oceans and into the hands of different groups of people, many of the rules changed along the way. As such, these variances are evident in gambling establishments around the world to this very day.

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