What Everyone Should Know about Canadian Gambling

Canadian gambling is a thriving industry and it really isn't hard to understand why. With the introduction of new technology at every turn and literally dozens of developers out there providing new titles faster than gamblers can blink their eyes, it is possible to become immersed in a world that resembles Vegas or even Atlantic City within a matter of minutes.

Paid vs. Free Options

Online casino games can be played for free or for real money and this opens up a wide range of possibilities for everyone. While some people simply like to spin the reels or try to beat the dealer for the fun of it, others love the thrill of the possibility of winning a real cash jackpot. Remember that casino bonuses count as real money, and you can withdraw and use everything you win. Many of the major software developers out there which include Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment, Real Time Gaming, Betsoft and others work hard to make sure that everyone has access to exactly what they want.


The slots are probably the most important part of Canadian gambling since this is where venues generate some 70% of their revenue. Of course, most people love these titles because they are available in a wide variety of themes and types to suit everyone's needs. Whether a player wants to spend a penny or $100 per spin, there is something out there to fulfill that desire. Thousands of unique slots titles exist and it is incredibly fun to spend time looking at all of the titles on offer.


Blackjack, which is sometimes referred to as 21, is a casino classic that is loved the world over. While the basic rules are almost always the same, gaming pioneers like Microgaming and Playtech have developed different variations that add some exciting twists. For example, double exposure allows the player to see both of the dealer's cards while Spanish 21 is played without 10s and has special payouts for certain combinations. These variants are in place to add excitement and reduce the boredom that is often associated with repetition.


In considering online casino games, roulette certainly takes the cake when it comes to luxury. This is one of chance, though, and there are several variants from which to choose including European, American and French. Different providers have different software options, too, so that everyone can find something enjoyable from among them. While the layout in an internet venue is a bit different, there is still plenty of excitement to go around.


In a bricks and mortar venue, craps is the loudest and most atmospheric game of all. There is normally a crowd around the shooter rooting for him or her to throw the combination upon which they wagered. Though some of this is lost in the internet Canadian gambling setting, the game is still exciting and provides all of the same possibilities. These venues work hard to make sure that each and every outcome is completely random so that everyone has a chance to win.

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