Jacks or Better

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Jacks or Better



There are a lot of video poker variations available in the gaming market today. One of the most popular games under this game variety is Jacks or Better. The game is most popular among the regions of United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and other nearby areas.

Jacks or Better, also called Draw Poker, is considered as the most basic video poker game anyone can play. Players just need a hand with cards to receive payouts and bonuses. This game is recommended to all beginners in the gaming industry, specifically those who are looking for an easy game interface which offers huge amounts of payouts.

As players place their wagers, they are given a set of 5 cards which they may choose to keep or discard until they get their desired deck. It's up to the player's strategy to keep the cards, discard them, or place higher wagers to win more. To further excel on this online game, players must know different game terminologies and card combinations on the game.

Basic terms like High card - refers to a card which is Jack or higher, and Low card - which refers to cards lower than Jack, or any card between 2 to 10, should be familiarized by its players. Several combinations are also used on this game such as Straight Flush, Royal Flush, Full House, Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, and many others.

There are also other online games which are somehow similar to the gameplay of Jacks or Better. These games include famous titles like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Mississippi Stud, Lowball, Razz, Draw High, and many more.

Several review sites have shared some in-game tips and strategies for better chances of winning. One of these tips is discarding the last or fifth card at hand if the player has a four card combination of Royal Flush even if the last card gives the player Flush or Pair. It is also advisable for players to never break a combination of a Three or Four of a Kind, Two Pair, or a Full House.

Overall, Jack or Better is an easy and simple video poker variant which is highly recommended to new gaming players.