Understanding The Politics Behind Sports Betting Props

Sports betting props are all about placing wagers on something that is out of the ordinary. For instance, rather than placing a stake on the money line or point spread in a hockey game, bettors may wager on something like which team will score first, who will be the first player in the penalty box, or even something entirely different. Not every bookmaker offers these options, though.

Why They are Hard to Find

Prop betting has been around for as long as history itself, but it is difficult to find an establishment offering up these wagers primarily because they lose money when they do. If you think about it, sports betting props are some of the simplest and easiest in the industry, particularly in certain situations. For instance, if John Doe is known for his aggressive tendencies on the ice, then it can be assumed that he's likely to be the first one in the box. Bookmakers who allow these wagers often end up out some money because of them.

Then Why are They Available?

This is something that many people want to know, particularly after they learn that their favorite sites actually lose money by allowing sports betting props. Like anything else, these establishments need to offer something that is going to keep their patrons coming back time and again. Statistically, very few people place only propositions; they'll also place stakes on things like the money line or point spread and this is where these venues really turn their profits. The propositions, then, can be viewed as the 'butter on the bread' for those people who frequently wager on certain events.

The Politics

There are some 'politics' behind these wagers, too, and this also allows bookmakers to keep offering them. For instance, you'll likely notice that the maximum wagers are set at a relatively low amount. This is designed to keep the sharks and the big spenders at bay. After all, these people know that sports betting props are easy to win and if huge limits were allowed, there'd be nothing stopping them from dropping $1000 on the "John Doe" example listed above. It's generally the fish - or the new bettors - who flock to these opportunities. This means that the establishment has an actual real chance of capturing some revenue.

All in all, deciding whether or not these opportunities are right for you depends on a few factors. If you're looking for a way to put down a small amount of money in order to win a relatively small amount of money, then you should consider them. Like everything else, if a large number of people wager on one outcome, then the amount of profit that is possible declines sharply. However, if you choose to put your money on the underdog and it turns out in your favor, then you can really rake in the cash. It all depends upon your knowledge and what you're looking to get out of your gambling.

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